OMHA Boundary/Requirements (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

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PMHA Boundary and Requirements

If you have registered a player for a PMHA Travel (Rep/AE) team, the OMHA rules for "Residential Boundaries" will apply to you. PMHA travel hockey teams play in the Shamrock Hockey League throughout Southwestern Ontario. The OMHA directive for all hockey centres that field"Rep/AE" requires that all players on those teams live within the defined "Residential Boundaries " of the Hockey Centre (PMHA) they represent.

Click on the link below for a map of the of the local boundaries. PMHA boundary in indicated by the shaded greyish area. Areas in yellow are shared boundary areas with centres identified. You are able to magnify the map by scrolling up or down to reveal roads etc...Please contact a PMHA Board Member with any questions. d/ 0BzyDiQiyQED5MjFaNmlQX3BZSWs/ view

The OMHA "Residential Boundaries" and "Right-Of- Choice" regulations require that you complete a detailed application (i.eResidential Questionnaire form, Player Transfer form, etc.) as part of the registration process. Please contact the PMHA Registrar, OMHA Rep, President and/or Vice-President for more information (contact information - "About" tab on home page then "contacts").

Please reference the OMHA website and review the OMHA Manual of Operations , specifically all of Regulation 3 dealing with player eligibility for more details.

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