Fair Play Player Code of Conduct (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

Fair Play Player Code of Conduct

1. I will play hockey because I want to, not because others or coaches want me to.

2. I will play by the rules of hockey and in the spirit of the Game.

3. I will control my temper – fighting or “mouthing-off” can spoil the activity of everyone.

4. I will respect my opponents.

5. I will do my best to be a true team player.

6. I will remember that winning isn’t everything – that having fun, improving skills, making friends and doing my best are also important.

7. I will acknowledge all good plays and performances – those of my team and my opponents.

8. I will remember that coaches and officials are there to help me. I will accept their decisions and show them respect.

I agree to abide by the principles of the FAIR PLAY CODE as set by Hockey Canada and as supported by the Petrolia team. I also agree to abide by the Constitution, By-laws, Rules, Regulations and decisions as set by the P.M.H.A. and O.M.H.A.