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Frequently Asked Questions?

Registration 2023-2024

Who can register to play hockey with PMHA?

Players aged 3 – 19 who live within the geographical boundaries of PMHA as defined by the OMHA for boys are eligible to register for hockey in Petrolia.  Players who live outside the defined area for boys area are not allowed under any circumstances to play on any PMHA travel teams.  Players that live outside our boundary are encouraged to play in their designated area; otherwise they can be allowed to play House League (QC) only in PMHA.  To register, players must have the consent of an adult guardian.

How do I register to play hockey with PMHA?
Petrolia Minor Hockey Association is a member organization of the OMHA.  All players must register ON-LINE using Visa, MasterCard or E-Transfer to [email protected].  Registration is offered each year for a limited period of time – usually April and May for returning players.  A one-time pay per use credit card can be purchased at local convenience stores if you do not have your own credit card.  Numbers limit registration in some cases, so we encourage you to register early.  PMHA on-line registration can be accessed via our web site at www.petroliaminorhockey.com.  Please see the Registration 2023-2024.

If my family cannot afford to pay for registration, is there any way we can still play hockey? 

The YMCA in Sarnia administer subsidy programs that will help pay registration fees for PMHA for players who qualify.  Please contact the YMCA for more information.

Website: www.ymcaswo.ca

Phone: 519-336-9622

How do I register to play Travel Hockey?

To play travel hockey in Petrolia, you must live within our boundaries as defined by the OMHA, be of an age that qualifies you to play on one of our travel teams.  You need to register to play hockey in PMHA prior to try-outs, and then you must attend our travel team try-outs that happen each year in early September or late August.  Travel team try-outs are free in our centre.  Only those players selected during try-outs will be eligible to play on a travel team in PMHA.  

Petrolia offers local league at the Tyke and Novice levels only, therefore there are no tryouts unless you are interested in Novice Representative or AE.  However, for all other divisions (Atom to Midget), we offer Rep (representative), AE (additional entry) and Tri-County (inter-county house league) only, which are all considered travel leagues in terms of ice time provided.   Please submit the tryout form located under the registration tab on the website and bring to your first tryout.  Players interested in Tri-County only, do not need to tryout.  Tryout fees are included in your registration costs.

Why do I need to pay a volunteer fee by submitting 2 Volunteer Cheques?
run PMHA.  Every family with a registered player in PMHA must submit the volunteer fee – even the members of the PMHA executive.  Without the help of volunteers, the cost to operate PMHA would be substantially higher. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our fees low.  We don’t want your money; we want your volunteer time.  Volunteers generally assist during two major fundraising events, the Earle Travaile Memorial Silver Stick Tournament in December and Bingo’s that are run with the Sarnia Charity Bingo organization.  In our experience, most of our family members enjoy the time they spend volunteering with PMHA; however some would not perform any volunteer activity if we did not penalize them financially.  Therefore, it is the only way we can keep our organization running with the resources we have available to us. 

Every F
amily, excluding the Beginner - Timbit families, will be required to Volunteer 12 hours of their time (6 hours per cheque) toward your Volunteer Cheques. **NEW**   Timbit families are new to our program and do not receive the ice time that the rest of our teams do.  They are now only required to Volunteer 6 hours of their time and hand in one Cheque per family. One cheque, postdated, Jan 15th of the current season.

Families who have a child/children registered in PMHA must submit two Volunteer Cheques in an amount to be determined by the Executive of PMHA. Your Team Parent Rep will collect two posted dated volunteer cheques in the amount of $500 each, at the beginning of the season.  Each cheque equals 6 hours of volunteer time.  Simply stated, you volunteer 12 hours to PMHA and your cheques will be destroyed.  These cheques need to be postdated for Jan. 15th and April 15th of the current season.  Team Ice times will be suspended if cheques are not provided.

How long will it take me to get my volunteer hours worked off?
How long it takes you to work your hours off is essentially up to you.  As soon as you complete your 12 hours of volunteer work, you will need to inform the Volunteer Cheque Coordinator that you have completed your 12 hours of time.  The process of providing proof is easy and will be explained to you when you perform your volunteer time.  Volunteer opportunities exist year round, and can usually be completed at any time.  Please contact the PMHA Parent Rep Coordinator via email if you are interested in volunteering and cannot find out how to do so. There are many opportunities listed on the
PMHA website throughout the year.

Why do I need to pay with a credit card?

We need to perform online registration as a member association of the OMHA & OWHA.  The only way we can currently accept funds via the OWHA & OMHA’s on-line registration system is with a credit card.  This is driven by Hockey Canada (HCR).  To complete registration we need to have payment and so we are forced to make all families pay with a credit card.

What happens if I don’t have a Visa or MC?

Although most people do have a VISA or MC, we understand that some families might not.  For this reason, our payment system is set up to allow a different name on the credit card from the name of the family registering.  We would ask that you make arrangements with a family member or friend that does have a suitable credit card to make payment on your behalf and you can reimburse them directly.  Another option, is to purchase a prepaid credit card from your local convenience store prior to registering your son/daughter.  Please contact our registrar, Tyler Scott via email at [email protected] if you have any further questions.

$800 for all teams in U9 to U18 divisions, $650 for all teams in U7 to U8 divisions and $250 for U5 Instructional (including jersey and socks)

We are a non-profit association.  Operating fees for hockey continue to increase each year with rising ice costs, HST and insurance.  We strive at PMHA to keep our costs reasonable for families as well, by offering fundraising events each year.  It is important that our families participate in these events, to keep our costs affordable. 

Online Registration Security??

Because PMHA is using (HCR) Hockey Canada Registry for males and It sports for females, you can feel safe and secure when providing your personal information:
- All information within the members area is 128-bit encrypted (the same as online banking - remember - even if you don't personally use online banking,  your bank does and as such your data is already securely stored on the internet)
- Credit card information is never stored, nor accessible to PMHA
- With multiple back-ups, the latest firewall technology and advanced physical security, your data is secure.

Your personal information, such as names, home addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers are private and confidential. The information provided is stored in a secure location and is accessible only by designated administrators and used only for the purpose for which you provided the information. There are no circumstances under which ITSportsNet, your sports organization, or Hockey Canada Registry will provide or sell personal information to third parties.