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Information for Beginner (Timbit) and Tyke players/parents
Information for Beginner (Timbit) and Tyke Players/ Parents

PMHA Parent Guide

Beginner Level (Timbits) and Tyke Levels

Season Details

● Registration begins April 1st and runs until May 31st. Beginner level players may register until December 1st (no late fee applies to a first year player). Registration must be done online through PMHA’s website

● One parent must complete the online course Respect in Sport available through the PMHA website prior to the season.

● Ice time begins the third or fourth weekend in September. Watch the ice schedule on PMHA’s website for the date and time.

● Players must wear full equipment (jock/jill, neck guard, shin pads, socks, pants, elbow pads, shoulder pads, mouth guard, helmet, and skates). Jerseys will be provided.

● The end of the season will be near the end of March.

Beginner Program (2012 birth date)

**Registration includes a pair of socks and a jersey for each player to keep at end of the season**

● Beginners will have 1 hour of ice time per week on Saturday mornings at 10:10 in Petrolia.

● Players will be split into two groups but will always practice together.

● The focus of the beginner program is to develop basic skills (eg. skating, agility, puck control) in a small group setting. Players will rotate through a variety of stations.

● As the season progresses there will be small ice games for part of the practice time.

● There may be a tournament near the end of the season.

Tyke Program (2010 & 2011 birth dates)

● Tyke players will have two 1 hour ice times each week. One of these times will be Saturday morning in Petrolia. The others time will either be Sunday morning in Watford, Sunday afternoon in Petrolia or Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm in Petrolia.

There are two levels to the Tyke Program - Mite & Tyke

○ Each level will have two teams.

○ The teams in each level will always practice together.

Tyke (Level 1) players are more experienced (normally second year tyke players) who are ready to play full ice games.

Mite (Level 2) players (normally first year tyke players) will play half ice games. As the season progresses some level 2 players may be asked to join the level 1 group as their skills improve.

○ By the beginning of December Tyke (Level 1) teams will play a game during their Saturday morning ice time. Mooretown Tyke teams will be included in the schedule.

● The program follows the guidelines recommended by Hockey Canada for player development.

Volunteer Hours

● PMHA is an organization run by volunteers.

● In order to minimize registration costs and keep things running parents are strongly encouraged to complete volunteer hours.

● Parents of Beginners must submit one $500 post-dated cheque to their Team Manager at the start of the season (dated April 1). If parents complete 6 hours of volunteer time the cheque will not be deposited.

● Parents of Tykes must submit two $500 cheques, post-dated to December 31 and April 1, to their Team Manager at the start of the season. If parents complete 12 hours of volunteer time the cheque will not be deposited.

● Watch the website and read organizational emails from your Parent Rep for volunteer opportunities including Silver Stick and bingos.

● Volunteering as a coach or on-ice helper may count towards the volunteer hours.

Birth Certificate

● The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) requires a copy of each player’s birth certificate before approving a team roster.

● Team rosters are required to enter tournaments at the Beginner or Tyke level.

● The parents of first year players only will be asked for a picture of each player’s birth certificate by the Parent Rep or Team Manager at the beginning of the season.

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