AGM Minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

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PMHA Annual General Meeting

Date: March 30, 2016

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Petrolia Lions Hall

Chair: Bryan Boyle

Minutes: Marcia Stinson-Charlton

Number in Attendance: 57


  1. Welcome
  1. Approval of Agenda - motion to accept, Greg Shortt, second; Lisa Friesen - CARRIED

  1. Introduce Current Board of Directors - Bryan Boyle

  1. Approval of 2015 Minutes motion to accept, Lisa Friesen, Second; Melissa Harris - CARRIED

  1. Approval of Treasurer’s Report , motion to accept - Carrie Bulgin, Second; Kevin Shaw - CARRIED

  1. Mr. Hockey Presentation - Nick Salaris presented to Brian Hoven

  1. Mrs. Hockey Presentation - Nick Salaris presented to Charlotte Boyd

8. Elections -

a. Scrutneers Dale Druiett, Ken Dwinnell - motion to accept Scott Watson, Second; Brian Hoven - Carried

  1. Topics of Discussion/New Business
    1. report on concussion protocol
    2. reorganize pre-novice kids
    3. encourage JR C's to relocate to ptown
    4. re-evaluate "AP" process
    5. review timing of directors at AGM
    6. Assess effective fundraising for PMHA
    7. Avoid late night games in other Shamrock centers
    8. Consider goalie clinics for PMHA
    9. Evaluate coaches committee
    10. review timing (August) of tryouts
  2. Resolutions - 7.2 addition, motion by Tammy Maniuk, second by, Lisa Friesen - vote - 14 for, 1 against - passed- CARRIED
  3. Motion of advocacy committee- Tammy Maniuk, Second; Kevin Shaw
    1. vote - defeated
  4. Introduce New Directors- Max Boyd, Kelly Currie, Don Harding, Melissa Harris, Mike Hoven, Susanne Marks, Lisa Policicchio, Brenda Wilson
  5. Membership Rebate Draws
    1. Brent Morrison
    2. Kevin Shaw
    3. Greg Shortt
    4. Nick Salaris
    5. Kevin Grover
  6. Adjournment motion to adjourn; Jason Reidhead, Second; Jeff Hackett CARRIED -
  7. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm