AGM Reports 2011 (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

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PMHA AGM Reports– March 29, 2011

2010 / 2011 Hockey Season PMHA

AGM Committee Reports:

Registrars : Lauri Doig and Wendy McLean

For the 2010-2011 Petrolia Minor Hockey had (number to be submitted) registrations.

PMHA was able to provide each player registered for the 2010-2011 season with a $50 registration rebate.

2011-2012 season- Online registration will commence April 15 and close July 3, 2011. Cost of registration is unchanged, $150 for Beginners and $450 for all other divisions. In addition, there continues to be a $50 lotto 500 ticket, $150 travel fee for Tri county , AE and REP and girls hockey. There will be no chocolate bar fundraiser this year. All registration is done online and payable with Visa or Mastercard only.

Fundraising/ Sponsorship: Noeleen Tyczynski

The goal for the 2010-2011 hockey season was to implement guidelines for team budgets and to set limits and controls around financial accountability for all teams within PMHA. This was a significant move forward in ensuring that all fundraising and sponsorship activities within PMHA are controlled and monitored, while still offering teams the ability to participate in activities that help defray costs for our hockey families.

Apart from the many enhanced features of our new website, sponsorship opportunities were a defining option in moving forward with the site this past season. Advertising sponsors were secured to cover the initial set up and cost of hosting the site until March of 2012.

OWHA: Tracy Donald

6 girls teams in the system at each level and 2 midget.

We have two teams representing Petrolia at the Provincials....PeeWee coached by Al Ferguson and Midget B coached by Julie Vandersteen.

All teams had a great year. We are really happy to see our Novice girls had a great start and they really had a great time togehter this year.

House League: Brian Napper

-Trophies and individual plaques turned out nice. Tim Hortons Donated Medals this year for Timbits.

-I made sure to thank the sponsor of each team by name, during on ice awards.

-Volunteers for each team were also thanked by name, by coach.

Tri-County : Brian Napper

Peewee Oilhounds lost final game to Wally2 to place second in Consolation.

Website: Charlotte Wright-Boyd

Overall on average, I was spending 4 hours a week on web page entries etc. with the new site compared to approximately 1 hour a week with the old site. This does not include the days of input Noeleen, Ryan and myself did at the entry stage of the new site. I was also maintaining both sites this season. Hopefully, with the change of responsibilities for the team reps, things will run smoother next season and lighten the load. (A full report will all positive and negative features of the outgoing and new website was submitted and will form part of the AGM minutes.)

SouthWest League- Gary Dupuis Our Rep teams have had another successful year playing in this league with our Novice, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget teams all ending up first in their divisions and the Atom team is currently 2nd at his printing. Our Pee Wee Rep team had a strong year winning their Regional Silverstick in Watford to advance to North American SilverStick in Port Huron losing in the Semi-finals. After that, they lost in 1/4 finals of playdowns. The Midget Rep Team had even a better year winning their Regional Silverstick here and winning North American SilverStick in double overtime in Sarnia and at the time of this printing are up 2 games to 0 in the Finals of OMHA Playdowns.

Shamrock League- Gary Dupuis Our AE teams and Minor Midget team play in this league and have had varied success, with our Atom, Pee Wee and Midget teams all finishing in the middle of their respective packs. The Bantam team finishing last and our Minor Midget team 1st in theirs. Our Atom AE just won 'B' division championship in league playoffs. The midget AE team had a good run in OMHA playdowns before losing in semis to Waterdown. The Minor Midget team met a similar fate losing to Niagara-on -the-Lake in the semis of OMHA playdowns.

Volunteer Cheque/Bingo Report -Lisa Friesen


For the 2010 -2011 Hockey Season, we had to cash 7 Cheques for January 15th and we have approximately 17 Cheques to be cashed for April.

For the upcoming season the Petrolia Minor Hockey Associated have decided to increase the amount of the cheques and volunteer hours.

Families are now expected to hand in 2 cheques in the amount of $500.00 each.

Cheques are to be post dated January 15, and April 15, 2012. The amount of hours required per cheque is now 6 for a total of 12 hours.

We DO NOT want your money, we NEED your Volunteer time!!!


We will still have Bingo's over the summer months.

Unfortunately, we have had some difficulty in filling the sign- up sheet for the past two months and from past experiences, the upcoming summer months will be the same.

If we are forced to give up our Bingo dates, due to lack of Volunteer's, we will lose out on much needed revenue and might result in an increase to our registration fees. Bingo's are a great way to keep our costs down. Please help us to keep these going!

The sign-up sheets will be posted in the arena throughout the summer months. You will also find the available dates and times on our website.

OMHA -Randy Peer

Midget rep OMHA BB Champs – defeated Port Hope 3 games to 0

Minor Midget BB – lost out in semi finals to Niagara on the Lake

Midget AE- lost out in semifinals to Waterford

PeeWee Rep - lost to Caledonia in quarterfinals

“Permission to skate” forms for Junior and AAA teams not yet available from OMHA, use forms from Alliance website for now.

Made for Ontario – OMHA approved proposal is posted on PMHA website regarding player movement above PeeWee level.

Ice Convenor - John Ferguson

45 hrs average weekly ice use in Petrolia, 9.5 hrs in Watford average per week, 1 hour in Mooretown per week.

(full report was submitted and will form part of official minutes including suggestions for next year)

*congratulations on your retirement John- you have definitely put in enough hours*

Other Reports / Committees no report was submitted

Treasurer Kathryn Stover (will present at AGM)

WOGL Marcia Charlton – no report submitted

Triple A / Silverstick Ken Dwinnel – no report submitted

PMHMA Stephanie Friesen – (may present at AGM)

Equipment Jeff Hackett, Steve Clark – no report submitted

Coaches Committee Jeff Hackett – no report submitted

Detailed Website Report – Charlotte Wright Boyd

Old Site - Itsportsnet ( This site will be finished on May 1/11.


  • It was simpler to use and “cut and paste” text and pictures into.
  • Pictures can easily be enlarged to see.
  • I had room to play with formatting and size.
  • New “stuff” was posted at the top and needed to scroll down to find older posts in sequential order.
  • Ice Schedule was on one page and could be seen at a glance, home and away.
  • Very basic set-up (not a lot of bells and whistles).


  • Trouble shooting and system support communication was very difficult and took a long time to get a response for technical issues. It was frustrating for me the user at times. I never was able to talk to someone in person, only emails or web based “complaint” boxes.
  • No opportunity for “sponsorship” pages. Therefore, lost potential dollars.
  • Program did not allow for W-L-T records or team stats.
  • I had to be the one to enter everything … not bad when people sent me the exact text and I could “cut and paste” it in.

New Site – MBSports Web - Shaun Peet (


  • Easy to use for the general user (parent or grandparent).
  • Lots of information available.
  • Lots of “bells and whistles”. Ability to do more than we have used it for i.e. coaches evaluation surveys automatically submitted, general interest poles, player stats, individual player pictures, away arena addresses with links to maps and mapquest, game reports etc.
  • Can use a calendar mode or list mode for ice schedules and team results.
  • Families can sign up for automatic emails or text messages for any ice schedule changes, game reports or news articles.
  • Lots off opportunity for sponsorship dollars coming from the advertising on the new site. Therefore, the cost to operate the site was much less.
  • Shaun Peet the MBSports contact was very helpful in the beginning! He was on-line many late nights with me, giving suggestions and showing me different things. Once I was self-sufficient, he was not as timely, but did still continue to communicate, mainly by emails. His emails have been very detailed and helpful.
  • Many thanks to Noeleen Tyczynski and Ryan Stokes for helping me out with the data entry and transferring of information from the old site to the new during the month of November. I could not have done this myself. Their help was greatly appreciated.


  • More difficult and time consuming for me the “administrator”.
  • Picture and text formats are presized , therefore I can only fit so much text on a page and a picture can only fit in the predetermined box. I found it difficult to see the player’s faces, because the format was so small.
  • Ice scheduling mode is very time consuming and very labour intensive. Everything has to be entered individually … lots of drop boxes … room for human error … automatically sends an email right or wrong. Therefore, corrections for families can be confusing.
  • Need to have more people involved with the new website (see proposed “Hockey Parent Team Rep” changes) in order to convey all the information of home and away games, practices and team info. Therefore, I will have to manage more people and allow password access to trustworthy people.
  • There is no way of seeing the “big picture” of a weeks ice schedule to make logical changes. To make a change, one has to enter at least 6 sub-windows or more.

Overall on average, I was spending 4 hours a week on web page entries etc. with the new site compared to approximately 1 hour a week with the old site. This does not include the days of input Noeleen, Ryan and myself did at the entry stage of the new site. I was also maintaining both sites this season. Hopefully, with the change of responsibilities for the team reps, things will run smoother next season and lighten the load.