AGM Reports 2013 (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

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March 26, 2013 AGM Committee Reports

Shamrock League Report – Rep and AE – Nick Salaris
Ice Scheduler Report – Jeff McLinchey
Bingo Funds Report – Lisa Friesen
All found in the library under AGM Reports. The charts and graphics do not format well in this version.

2013 AGM OWHA REPORT – Girls Hockey – Chad Cox

2012/2013 Season…
Total Registered - 102 - Most Ever
Total Teams - 7 - Most Ever
First year offering senior team on a trial basis was successful
They earned a silver medal at provincials in Toronto last weekend… Congrats.
Midget B team qualified for provincials in Ottawa April 4-7…Good Luck
Re-established our Bantam team this season

Looking ahead…
Try outs being held in April to try and get numbers/teams established early
Numbers look good
Projected numbers for 2013: 108 (which includes the senior team)
Tyke/Timbit programs had 15 girls this year
Possibility of 2 peewee teams depending on final numbers
Possibility of moving our Midget team up to the BB level
Need more involvement at the league level for the initial placing of our teams
OWHA AGM - usually held in May

WOGHL - Western Ontario Girls Hockey League Report – Marcia Stinson
March 26th, 2013
The Novice through Midget girl’s teams played this year again in the WOGHL league. Below is a chart indicating where they finished in league play and league playoffs.
Team League League Playoffs
Novice C 2nd Eliminated
Atom C 2nd Advance to play Parkhill
PeeWee C 5th Eliminated
Bantam C/HL 4th Advanced to play St.Thomas
Midget B 2nd Advanced to Lambeth
Midget C 3rd Eliminated
Senior Girls 2nd N/A
WOGHL All Star Game times are as follows:
April 21st at the Komoka Arena;
Game #1 Novice C/HL 8:00 am Start Time, Coors Light Pad
Game #2 Novice B/C 9:15 am Start Time, Canadian Pad
Game #3 Atom C/HL 9:00 am Start Time, Coors Light Pad
Game #4 Atom B/C 10:15 am Start Time, Canadian Pad
Game #5 Peewee C/HL 10:00 am Start Time, Coors Light Pad
Game #6 Peewee B/C 11:15 am Start Time, Canadian Pad
Game #7 Bantam C/HL 11:00 am Start Time, Coors Light Arena
Game #8 Bantam B/C 12:15 pm Start Time, Canadian Pad
Game #9 Midget C/HL 12:30 pm Start Time, Coors Light Pad
Game #10 Midget B/C/Int. 1:45 pm Start Time, Canadian Pad
WOGHL AGM will be held on Thursday May 16th at 7:00 pm.
This is your opportunity to put forward suggestions to help improve this league. Send suggestions to your WOGHL rep (Marcia Stinson) before April 9th, 2013.
The position of President and Vice President is up for re-election at the AGM.
Respectfully Submitted by; Marcia Stinson

Boys Hockey - OMHA Report – Max Boyd
• Novice Rep, Pee Wee AE & Bantam Rep made it to the second round.
• All other AE and Rep teams lost in the 1st round.
• Petrolia attended all OMHA meetings.
• Two members (Chris Fryfogle and Max Boyd) also attended the OMHA General Meeting in June 2012.
• Deadline for nominations to OMHA Executive is April 26th, 2013.
• PMHA applied for Re-classification to a “B” centre and was turned down by OMHA last summer.
• For permission to skate at AAA tryouts contact PMHA secretary or registrar.

Volunteer Cheque/Bingo Report – Lisa Friesen
For the 2012 – 2013 Hockey Season, I am happy to report that no cheques were
cashed! Way to go Hockey Families!
We DO NOT want your money, we NEED your Volunteer time!!!
We will need Volunteer's for our Bingo's over the Summer months!
These Volunteer hours will go towards next year!
In the past years it has been very difficult to fill these Volunteer hours.
If we are forced to give up our Bingo dates, due to lack of Volunteer's,
we will lose out on much needed revenue and it might result in an increase
to our registration fees. Bingo's are a great way to keep our costs down.
Please help us to keep these going!!
Why not get your Volunteer hours done and out of the way early!!
Please check the Website under Bingo's to see the upcoming Bingo dates.

Final Parent Rep's Meeting – Lisa Friesen
March 18, 2013
Please be sure you signed in!
1. Tara Broad:
Please be sure to email this Avon Fundraiser to your families.
Will be giving 10% back to PMHA.
Orders need to in by 7:00pm on March 24 to [email protected]
2. Make sure to update all your team scores for the entire season so Jeff McLinchey
can make an accurate report. If you are not sure about the final result, it is okay. Just
put in that it was 1-0. We just want an accurate count of all the games played for this
past season.
3. Coaches Evaluations:
- Email them to all your families
- They are due by March 25th
- Please put them in the PMHA locked box in the arena. If they don't want to hand
them into you, they can put them in a sealed envelope and put them in the locked
box in the arena themselves.
- Also remind them that for the Evaluations to be considered their signature
must be on it. This also applies to the players!
4. The $150.00 League Fee Tax Receipt is now available to download from the
library on the PMHA website.
5. Our AGM is March 26 at 7:00 at the Lion's Hall next to the Arena.
- 8 positions are available and you can read their job descriptions on the web
- If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact Chris Fryfogle or
Nick Salaris.
- You need to be present at the AGM to be eligible to win one of the 5 - $100.00
credits towards your registration.
6. We discussed the need about Communication to our PMHA Membership during the
Summer months. All the Parent Rep's at the meeting agreed that they don't mind
sending the emails during this time.
7. Please continue to forward all emails thru the simmer until all the new teams are
selected with the new Parent Rep's. For the Timbit's and Tyke teams, this is
unfortunately not til October sometimes.
8. If you are not able to be our Parent Rep during the summer months, please email Lisa
Friesen at: [email protected]
9. Please send an email to your families, thanking them for a great season and
to suggest to them to continue to look at the PMHA Website during the Summer
month's – there will be updates, news, and Bingo dates for the summer.
10.Please let your families know that Brooke Telecom has generously donated the WiFi for
the Arena.
11. Wind Up Days: Timbits to Novice House League is this Saturday starting at 8:00 am
til 3:00 pm.
- The dates for your team to skate are posted on the Website.
- Your Coaches will pick up your team envelopes with your children's tickets. This
entitles them to a drink, snack, and PMHA gift and the 50th Anniversary Pin, which will
be available in the Menzannie Room in the arena. The Timbits are included in this,
We had a misunderstanding last year and we don't want this to happen this year.
Novice – Pee Wee is April 8th at the Legion, again your Coaches will receive the tickets
for this event.
Bantam – Midget is April 9th at the Legion
Girls including the Senior Women is April 11th at the Legion.
12. Your Teams Final Budgets and Fundraising Reports are due to Leanne Lypko and Stacey
Williams for Friday, March 22, 2013. All team fundraisers have long been completed,
so this should not be a problem. For those teams that made more than their $3000
limit, arrangements need to be made to donate remainder back to PMHA. For
example, the Pee Wee AE team donated $1460 back to PMHA from their "Drive 4
UR Community" Fundraiser. This is a gentle reminder to hand in your paperwork of
profits and what you spent it on. Please help them reach their deadlines in order to
compile reports for the AGM.
13. Registration has some issues that still need to be addressed. We will send out an
email with the dates as soon as they are finalized. The League Fee of $150.00 will now
be part of the Registration fee.
Does anyone have any questions or comments that can help improve the roles of our Parent
1. To put signs in the arena to say that we are a WiFi Hotspot, people are not aware that
this is available. (This is the towns responsibility).
2. Complaints about where Dave Pattenaude, Petrolia Topic Reporter, takes the pictures of
the kids with their awards. It has been distracting to the others that are sitting near
them. Could the pictures be taken in the back of the room, or somewhere else? (We
will suggest this to Mr. Pattenaude and the Wind Up Coordinators).
3. Is the Lotto 500 still going to held? We explained the licences limits us to how we are
to operate it. We are going to look into the process and to see if we can change the
way we can run it. Maybe have a dance with us awarding the prizes all in one night.
We are open to any other suggestions anyone might have.
Thank you so very much for your hard work this past season. Without our Volunteers we
couldn't have done it.
Any questions or concerns, please contact Lisa Friesen at [email protected]
Have a Great Summer and enjoy the warm weather!! See you in September!

Yours in Hockey
PMHA – Lisa Friesen

Fundraiser Report – September 2012 – March 2013
By Leanne Lypko
As of today (Sunday March 24, 2013) only 5 teams have submitted their fundraising reports to me. I have emailed the team and Charlotte has also put it out there that I needed these. The below information is on only what I have received. I hope this is what you want.
Bantam Rep: They had a Silent Auction in December. Their profit on the auction was $983.67. Parents of that team contributed $3,500. Giving them a total of $4,483.67. After they paid for tournaments they had an excess of $1,758.67 which was returned to parents. They have a $0 balance.
Pee Wee Girls: They sold Cinnabons in November. The profit on the sales was $636.00. They collected $1980.00 from parents, had a donation of $500.00, and their 50/50 brought them in $297.00. Giving them a total of $3,413.00. After expenses of Todd Wariner Hockey Station, Donuts & Hot Chocolate, Tournaments, Team meal, Bank Charges, Xmas party, and Coaches gifts , they are left with a balance of $391.60.
Atom Girls: They sold Scratch Cards in October. It cost them $339.00 to purchase the cards. They made $1,580 profit. They received money from Magazine sales of $83.78. Making their total profit - $1,324.78. I am not sure if they were entered in any tournaments or if they had any expenses.
Novice Rep: They had a Silent Auction Fundraiser in November. Profit on their fundraiser - $3,582.00. After Fundraising Expenses, Tournaments, Picture Disc, Bank Charges and Todd Warner Camp they were overdrawn by $49.25. Parents paid the extra $$ to bring to a $0 balance.
Pee Wee Rep: They had a Silent Auction in November. Their profit was $1,282.00. I do not have any expenses handed in to me.
Pee Wee AE: They had The Ford Test Drive Event in November. They made $4460.00. The team used $3000 to cover 4 tournament entries totalling $3670.00 (International Silver Stick was not planned for). The parents covered the shortfall and they donated $1460 back to PMHA.
Atom AE : They had a Barbeque at M&M Meats in October. I did not receive a form for this event. As well I do not know how they did.
Novice Girls: They sold Pepperettes in October and December. Again, I do not have a report on how well they did.
Novice House League – Blue – I have them as selling BMP Baked Goods in November. No reports given