2013 Minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

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PETROLIA MHA- Annual General Meeting

March 26, 2013 7:00 P.M. @ Lion’s Hall 

Chair: Bryan Boyle

Setting the stage: value each person’s opinions; make use of each member’s valuable time

• Active listeners
• Concise responses
• Respect each other’s right to an opinion…may or may not agree
• Tech etiquette

Approval of Agenda

• Motion: Chris Fryfogle, Second: Gary Dupuis PASSED

Minutes of 2012 AGM

• Motion: Nick Salaris Second: Wendy McLean
• Correction of removal of word agenda at the top of page and substitute minutes

Introduction of the Board of Directors

Treasurer Report: reports are attached and available for members-pls contact executive member

• $16,000 from MacFarlane’s for our Timbit Program
• Pending March 30th-$10, 000 from Mark Thompson Memorial Fund will be present on 2013-2014 budget/statement
• Bank charges $8000 due to online credit card registration, actual bank fees are $220 with Scotia bank
• Question from floor regarding cash/cheque registration-response PMHA will not accept cash/cheque
• Motion to accept: Don Harding Second: Chad Cox PASSED

Committee Reports

• All reports will be posted on the PMHA website

Mr. and Mrs. Hockey Awards: Chris Fryfogle

• Brian Feenstra and Marcia Stinson

Elections:      Scrutineers are Greg Clark and Bill VanRuitenburg (non-member)

• Motion to accept: Brenda McAlpine Second: Scott Watson PASSED
• Returning directors for second year of two year term-Max Boyd, Lauri Doig, Lisa Friesen, Don Harding, Melissa Harris, Gregg McEachern, Stacey Williams, and Gary Dupuis (past president-not nominated)
• Nominating Committee: Amy Card, Chad Cox, Stephanie Friesen, Brian Hoven, Sabrina Reid, Marcia Stinson, Nick Salaris, Brenda Wilson, Kara Anderson
• Open nominations from floor: Ryan Stokes, Jason Reidhead, Dave Feenstra, Cindy Syer, Mike Hoven, Scott Watson, Lindsay Mahieu, Scott McAuley, Kelly Nickles, Mike Moore, Scott Bourne
• Motion to close nominations: Gregg Underwood, Second- Brian Feenstra PASSED
• Declined-Scott Bourne, Mike Moore, Kelly Nickles, Scott McAuley, Lindsay Mailloux, Scott Watson, Mike Hoven, Cindy Syer
• Motion for up to 8 members for ballot Bill McAlpine Second: Don Harding PASSED
• Introduction of nominations-stand
• Motion for comments: Scott Watson, Second: Gary Dupuis

Chad Cox, Dave Feenstra, Chris Fryfogle, Brian Hoven, Nick Salaris, Ryan Stokes, one year term Jason Reidhead

Current Areas of Interest (Chair)

• Wendy McLean to provide update-previous treasurer sentenced July 3/12 on Fraud, PMHA spent approximately 1500 hours working on this fraud, currently still owing $12,000 to PMHA by July 3, 2013 as per court order.

• Constitutional Changes-board did not have opportunity to fully review proposed changes; however some proposed changes were circulated and displayed on the website. It is usually advisable for Board of Directors to discuss/approve recommended changes. Any changes to the constitution require 2/3 vote at AGM. (AGM Activity regarding changes.)

• Constitution is the basic framework from which to provide the foundation for PMHA. Rules of Operation can be changed by the board of directors and are basic day to day policies and procedures (this motion was passed at AGM March 29, 2011)

Motion: move all regulations to a separate document with the title Rules of Operations. These will entail the day to day operations of the organization and can be addressed and changed at the monthly executive meetings.) Following are individual motions for each section of the constitution to move to the ROO or the information was redundant.

• Motion for Article 6 by Scott Watson, Second Lisa Friesen                PASSED
• Page 4 all this information has been incorporated into page 8 Motion: Emily Lefebvre, Second by Lisa Friesen        PASSED
• Motion for Article 9 by Jamie Doig, Second by Mike Moore
• “h” Gregg Underwood (page 7) removes the word executive and replace with board-Passed
• “n” delete the elections chart Motion: Lisa Friesen, Second: Charlotte Wright-Boyd-Passed
• Page 8 “iv” Motion: Brenda McAlpine, Second: Brian Hoven

MOTION: Gary Dupuis, second Mitch Lachance
Proposing to elect 15 directors and then that executive will select the president and Vice president at first regular board meeting following AGM- PASSED
• Page 8-Delete 5 and 6 Motion by Emily Lefebvre Second by Bill Reid       PASSED
• Page 8- list of 11 directors be moved to Rules of Regulations Motion: Jamie Doig, Second: Lisa Friesen PASSED
Page 5-(ii) Motion to delete…..see notes from Bryan to #30 Motion by Emily Lefebvre and Second by Lisa Friesen PASSED
• Wendy McLean to make Motion, Second by Gary McLean (description of roles of directors)
• Move all points referred to the Rules of Operations Motion by Lisa Friesen, Second by Melissa Harris PASSED

HOUSE LEAGUE COMPARISONS-Gregg McEachern and Bryan Boyle (clarification of comparisons of Tri county league, LMLL and Sarnia Minor Hockey House league) Activity for membership/open discussion

RESOLUTIONS (all attached at end of minutes for original resolution)

Motion: Nick Salaris (see attached sheet regarding ice and funding), Second by Jason Reidhead PASSED
Motion: Marcia Stinson (see attached sheet regarding soft talks for amalgamation of girls hockey), Second by Gregg McEachern PASSED
Motion: Charlotte Wright-Boyd (Sewlutions Clothing orders), Second by Melissa Harris PASSED
Motion: Charlotte Wright-Boyd (re Lotto 500/Elimination Draw in August), Second by Mike Moore PASSED
Motion: Charlotte Wright-Boyd (discussions with other centres for house league) Motion by Ryan Stokes, Second Bill Reid PASSED


Motion: Senior Women’s team is an offered team in PMHA. Second by Jill VanDenBerghe. Points of clarification: we do not have additional ice time, board approved this 2012-2013 about practice time, some issues regarding league scheduling (Nick) PASSED

Motion: Voting for directors appear later in the agenda after the issues have been in the agenda (Scot Watson), Second by Brenda McAlpine PASSED
Motion by Scot Watson, PMHA adopt a Concussion Policy/Procedure, Second by Brenda McAlpine PASSED
Motion by Jason Reidhead to receive practice schedule one month in advance/more structured schedule in PMHA, Second by Scott Bourne DEFEATED
Amalgamation of PMHA with East Lambton or Mooretown-not a motion just discussion item

Draws: $100 registration rebates: Lyndsay Mailloux, Jeff McLinchey, Donna Moore, Angela Lochner, and Cindy Syer

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Bill Reid, Second: Gregg McEachern PASSED