2012 AGM Mooretown - Petrolia Soft Talks Issue Discussion Points (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

Print2012 AGM Mooretown - Petrolia Soft Talks Issue Discussion Points
AGM: Mooretown/Petrolia Soft Talks Activity

• Ice-availability and time
• Playing at a higher level
• Full teams, more teams
• Greater pool of players
• Higher caliber of hockey on teams
• Better competition
• Higher numbers
• More options for families (travel, house)
• Cost reduction-registration
• Major and minor teams
• More players for older age groups
• More hockey options for girls
• More teams, more chances
• More ice time for kids

• OMHA not forcing amalgamation
• Healthy competition between centres-Hatfields and McCoys
• Increased travel
• Two boards or one board
• Ability to work together
• Coaching (favourites)
• Too many kids in younger age groups
• Loss of PMHA history and identity and name
• Less opportunity for bubble kids to play at higher level? Will they develop as quickly?
• Why would Wyoming drive past Sarnia when Watford is 15 mins away?
• Talent vs level
• Playing in Windsor every other week
• Southwest league?
• Boundaries
• Name?
• Selecting coaches-conflicts, personal agenda
• How do you pick executive and coaches?
• Where is home ice?
• Fair selection of teams
• Why Mooretown?
• Why make a decision to benefit only a small group?

AGM: Financial Issues Discussion
Question: what do you need from PMHA for this issue to be resolved?
• Constitution guidelines complete-positive
• Public apology to PMHA families
• Community service in our arena
• Everything put in place by PMHA last year- good on ya!
• Upcoming court date
• Checks and balances in updated constitution
• Financial statements show transparency
• Accountability
• Better process so it doesn’t happen again
• Process and structure of accounting practices
• Moving forward
• Jail time
• Stiff penalty
• Conviction and retribution
• Repayment of money
• More financial checks