2012 AGM Minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

Print2012 AGM Minutes

PMHA AGM- March 28, 2012 @ 7 p.m.
Chair: Bryan Boyle

Mr. Hockey and Mrs. Hockey-Gary Dupuis presented Nick Salaris and Lauri Doig with these respective awards
Executive Introductions-current executive stood for introduction

Minutes of 2011 Annual General Meeting
Motion: Chad Cox
Second: Lisa Friesen

Committee Reports: Treasurer
-circulated last year 2010 and 2011 numbers for comparisons, ice cost were highest expense; equipment/insurance costs were higher due to new goalie equipment purchased; tournament loans of were all paid back to OMHA; player refunds of $50 per player totaled $19, 000 for the 2010-2011 season; template provided for membership to review
Motion to accept report: Randy Peer, Second: Jeff Hackett
Registration: For 2012-2013 season, need to register twice for installment plan, can register one time only after first installment registration is closed-issue is HCR system does not allow us to open multiple packages for registration or allow automatic debit on credit cards for installment payments. All members (installment or full payment) must be registered by June 1st to be guaranteed a spot in PMHA.

Adoption of Constitution: PMHA executive put forth the constitution as revised by Charlotte Wright Boyd. Constitution for boys’ hockey is complete and girls’ hockey will be re-done to reflect the boys’ hockey constitution. Clarification that OWHA requires girls’ hockey to have its own constitution. Charlotte did a considerable amount of re-working of the constitution and reducing the magnitude of this constitution. The daily operations of PMHA have all been moved to the Rules of Operation so they can be re-visited on a more regular basis to reflect changes in PMHA.
Motion to accept the constitution: Kari Lupton, Second: Nick Salaris

Nominations by the nominating committee and the floor:
Kelly Currie, Lauri Doig, Lisa Friesen, Don Harding, Melissa Harris, Stacey Williams, Christa Mitchell
Nominated from the Floor: Charlotte Wright Boyd, Kelly Nickles, Max Boyd, Ryan Stokes, Jeff Hackett, John Maniuk, Scot Watson, Greg McEachern, Noleen Tyzinski, Tim Hendra, Todd Perry, Scott McAuley
The following agreed to stand for nomination: Scot Watson, Max Boyd, Greg McEachern
Motion to accept nominations: Stephanie Friesen, Second: Randy Peer
Motion put forth by Kari Lupton, to accept a good ballot as any ballot with up to 8 voting numbers, carried by membership
Clarification: Current PMHA board consists of 15 voting members, automatic past president (two year terms, 50% voted in even years, 50% voted in odd years)
Election Scrutineers: John Allison and John Ferguson
Motion to accept scrutineers: Randy Peer, Second by Gary Dupuis

Voting by # ballot was distributed to membership, votes were collected by John Allison and John Ferguson and counted, and results were recorded and presented to Bryan Boyle. After the reading of the elections, Bryan requested a motion to destroy the ballots:
Motion: Lisa Friesen, Second: Randy Peer

The following were elected to serve a two year 2012 -2014: Max Boyd, Lauri Doig, Lisa Friesen, Don Harding, Melissa Harris, Greg McEachern, Stacey Williams, and Christa Mitchell

Resolutions: See attachment from Charlotte Wright Boyd; the following resolutions were passed by the membership:
1. Be it resolved that the PMHA executive administer a creative membership recruitment and advertising campaign for the forthcoming season-passed
2. Be it resolved that -the PMHA executive post the monthly and committee minutes in a timely fashion on the association website-passed
3. Be it that the PMHA executive offer coaches clinics early in the season(summer) to allow our volunteers to become qualified by the deadline-passed
4. Be it resolved that the PMHA executive offer hitting and skills development clinics for our playing members-passed
5. Be it resolved that the PMHA executive seek to find a consistent reasonable time for the beginner instructional group to attract more members and introduce them to the great game of hockey-passed
Not passed by membership: Be it resolved that the PMHA executive consider developing an initiative to assist families experiencing financial difficulties, when it comes to enrolling youth in the recreational sport- Resolution #2 was lost (no vote)
Final Issues update (statement from Wendy McLean)-attached

New Business
Senior Girls Hockey Team-J. VanDenBerghe presented to membership (report attached to original minutes)
Motion put for the by John Manuik for PMHA executive to further investigate the potential of offering a Seniors Women’s Hockey Team to compete in a current league in Southwestern Ontario, Second: Brenda McAlpine
Vote: passed by membership

Correspondence from McFarlane regarding fundraising activities and support for our Timbit Hockey Program. Kristen McFarlane spoke of their business selecting PMHA to be the recipient of their staff fundraising efforts. A silent auction will be held in June in Petrolia, volunteers and donations from PMHA members would be appreciated…proceeds will be donated to PMHA to assist with the cost for Timbit hockey. More information to follow on the PMHA website.

Activity #1-Amalgamation-clarification was provided that the soft talks with Mooretown Minor Hockey were held to gather data for PMHA, for future reference. The executive determined that PMHA needs to stay abreast of the current situation in Ontario regarding amalgamation of some centres.
What are the benefits of amalgamation?
What are the negative effects of amalgamation?
(List of pros and cons was presented by the membership and compiled as an appendix of original minutes) 

Activity #2-Previous Financial Issues-What would the membership like to see to have the resolved?
Membership provided a variety of feedback/direction and this feedback has been compiled as an appendix of original minutes)

Membership rebate draws (5 x $100) Winners are as follows: Lori Hall, Mike Douglas, Scott Watson, Melissa Harris, and Julie Vandersteen

Motion to Adjourn: Chris Fryfogle
Second: Nick Salaris