November 2012 minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

PrintNovember 2012 minutes

PMHA Meeting-November 9, 2012 @ 7pm

Regrets: Chad Cox, Wendy McLean, Nick Salaris, Chad Crummy, Ken Dwinnell

Attending: Chris Fryfogle, Stacey Williams, Gregg MeEachern, Lauri Doig, Lisa Friesen, Christa Mitchell, Chad Crummy, Kelly Currie, Don Harding, Marcia Stinson, Max Boyd, Charlotte Wright Boyd (appointed)

Acceptance of September and October Minutes: Motion by:  Lisa Friesen   Second by: Gregg McEachern

Announcements: Leanne Lypko (appointed position) of Fundraising Coordinator will report to the board the fundraising requests that teams submit and keep a record of this in a spreadsheet format. This can be done via email monthly by Leanne to all board members.  Christa Mitchell will provide this information to Leanne.

Squires:  Jeremiah Goodacre presented to PMHA board and opportunity for the Squires to work in partnership with PMHA.  Proposal was for Squires to provide season tickets for all remaining games and playoff games this season to all PMHA registered players and bench staff.  As well, there is an opportunity for the Squires to assist teams at practices, clinics and for team recognition at Squire Games.  The details will be further worked out with President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Motion by Lisa Friesen to accept the proposal by the Petrolia Squires to enter into a partnership with PMHA for the 2012-2013 seasons. Second by Gregg McEachern.  Passed

Thank you for $200 donation from Lucan District Lions Club to be sent to Janice Jamieson for her ongoing efforts.

Reminder email to teams that all PMHA tournament fees are due to PMHA by January 15, 2013.

Charlotte to post ad in Petrolia Topic thanking community for support during the 50th anniversary celebration.


Registrar-Don Harding-no report

Treasurer-Stacey Williams-PMHA and PMHMA all books will for 2012-2013 will be submitted together.  Motion to accept report by Lisa Friesen, Second by Marcia Stinson-Passed

Shamrock-Nick Salaris

·         First Aid room supervision

·         Shamrock tournaments-discussion for 2013 season of submission dates

·         Ice time and cancellation fees-email to be sent to all coaches regarding notice of 72 hours to cancel in Petrolia and 15 days to cancel in Mooretown and Watford or team will be charged (this is due to too many late cancellations).  Teams with special circumstances are to contact Nick and Chris directly as soon as possible.

House/Tri County-Gregg McEachern-no report

AAA-Ken Dwinnell (absent)

OMHA-Max Boyd

·         Discussion regarding rostering to two teams as AP player, not acceptable by OMHA however registrar can remove an AP player from one team and re-submit the roster for approval.

OWHA-Chad Cox (absent)

WOGHL-Marcia Stinson

·         Novice girls won Mitchell Tournament

·         Next Scheduling meeting is Nov 28th

Equipment/Clinics-Chad Crummy (absent)

Parent Rep-Christa Wilson

·         Clothing sales t 50th-excellent, Kelly Currie will take over the clothing now

·         All teams must have team picture done to send to team sponsor.

·         YMCA Leadership Team Building-Christa will place in all coaches files

Volunteer Cheque-Lisa Friesen-no report

Secretary-Lauri Doig

  • all thank you notes for PMHA 50th have been sent
  • email sent to all coaches/managers to improve support by PMHA for teams (file folders to be updated)
  • Sensy fundraiser to be held-profits to PMHA(information in all team files)
  • Kari Anderson-request to do PMHA fundraiser for new year with minimum 10% of profits back to PMHA-agreed this can proceed

President-Chris Fryfogle

Business pending from previous minutes

Late Fees for player/goalie clinics-status report-Lauri to contact Paul Burgess and cc Jeff McLinchey regarding available ice times to offer goalie clinics for the 2012-2013 seasons.

TV/internet for PMHA room-still pending

Sewing Protocol-Lisa Friesen to work with Jodi Rumbold to develop a simple sewing protocol to provide to volunteers

Legionnaires Game-November 22nd to celebrate PMHA 50th-all kids in free with PMHA jersey.

Christmas Social/Meeting for PMHA executive to be booked for December meeting-either December 12 or 13th. (Lauri to do)

Motion to Adjourn:  Lisa Friesen

Second:  Don Harding