September 2012 minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

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PMHA Meeting Minutes                                              September 13, 2012 @ 7pm

Regrets:  none

Acceptance of August 9th minutes: Motion by:  Lisa Friesen and Second by:  Don Harding

1.       Motion:  That due to an increase in Novice age a player, PMHA offers a Novice Tri-county team for the upcoming 2012-2013 season with each player on this team subject to $150 league fee.  The continuation of this team will be assessed at the end of this hockey season to determine its status for the following year.

Motion by Gregg McEachern, Second by Marcia Stinson PASSED

2.       Motion:  Steve Clarke is deemed the successful candidate for the Bantam AE team for the 2012-2013 seasons.

              Motion by Nick Salaris and Second by Lisa Friesen PASSED

3.       Motion:  For the 2012-2013 season only, the Novice Rep team will be expected to take 13 skaters plus 2 goal tenders, the Novice Tri county team will be expected to take 13 skaters plus 2 goal tenders and 2 House league teams of 11 skaters and 1 goaltender per team.  Due to an increase in Novice numbers and the addition of a Tri-county and to maintain 2 Houseleage teams, the REP team numbers were reduced from 15 skaters and 2 goalies (this season only). 

Motion by Gregg McEachern, Second by Nick Salaris PASSED


Treasurer Report-Stacey Williams

·         Financial report is attached to original minutes

·         Lotto 500 tickets will not be refunded to any players leaving PMHA after September 15th (begins Sept. 16th) and a $50 Admin fee will apply to all player withdrawals from PMHA effective September 16th (therefore refund is reduced by $100)


Registrar Report-Don Harding /Lauri Doig/Wendy McLean

Registration Summary for 2012-2013

OMHA Registrations: 300

Paid in 2 installments: 60 players

Paid One time: 240 players

Late Registrations: 12 (x$150 = $1800.00)

Missed 1 installment: 1 ($150)

Total to Development Fund: $1950.00 ($2100 with one additional late for Tyke and one more pending)


McFarlane Timbit program covers players born in year 2008 only (as per criteria set forth by McFarlane’s sponsorship)


OMHA Rep-Max Boyd-received OMHA manuals to distribute to all PMHA coaches

Shamrock League-Nick Salaris

-Novice to Bantam schedules for Shamrock complete

-AE All-star game to be hosted by PMHA in April (date TBA)

-all league contact is through Shamrock Rep only

-OMHA is looking to implement Trainer Coordinator for all centres in the next couple of years


AAA Report-Ken Dwinnell

                -New constitution to be developed by Lambton Sting

House League Convenor-Gregg McEachern

-Tricounty Bantam and Atom Tricounty coaches are needed

-Novice Tricounty tryouts to begin September 15th

-Tyke evaluation skate September 15th


OWHA Rep-Chad Cox

-96 girls registered

-6 Bantam girls pending from Sarnia Minor Hockey to register in Petrolia-therefore Bantam girl’s team will go ahead with 14 + 1

-Midget C team will be fielded

-Senior Girls team approved by OWHA (correspondence received)

Equipment/Clinics-Chad Crummy

-all goalie equipment dispersed, in need of additional equipment for Tyke/Novice age

-Bantam Girls-no numbers on jerseys, will contact Brian Hurlock to correct this

-Purchased First Aid kits

-Petrolia Old-timers-withdrew sponsorship

-Jodi Rumbold will coordinate sewing of remaining name bars and sponsor bars

-need 3 more sponsors ($400 per travel team)


 Parent Rep/Volunteer/Bingo-Lisa Friesen

-Nov and Dec bingos are full

-Penalty Box-one volunteer position, new for 2012-2013 seasons. Must be age 18 years and man box for all PMHA home games.  To be recorded on team list for volunteer hours.


Christa Mitchell-Parent Rep Coordinator

Clothing/PMHA-Sewlutions is main distributor of new PMHA logo.  PMHA expects all teams to use the current logo for all team clothing as a % of sales goes back to PMHA

-          50th anniversary items have been ordered

-          Parent Rep position will run from September 1 to  April 30th, with final email to notify team that they are now responsible to check the website for PMHA news and updates throughout the summer. (this is in response to concerns expressed by some former parent reps that they did not want to continue to provide this service throughout the summer)

WOGHL Rep-Marcia Stinson

-all teams registered at $90 per team

-Senior Girls scheduling meeting-Thamesford September 16th

-September 26th-Komoka Scheduling meeting for OWHA teams

-WOGHL additions: Stratford, Mitchell, Chatham

-WOGHL constitution changes on their website

-2012-2013 Petrolia will charge gate fees, however all gate fees for OWHA will be eliminated 2012-2014 (as per WOGHL directive)

-Sarnia Peewee and Midget Silver stick-Petrolia will host opening day games again

-Saugeen Shores- February to host Girls C Silver stick again


Webmaster-Charlotte Wright-Boyd

50th anniversary committee plans-presented all details of planned events-all information will be provided to Parent Reps.

4.        MOTION:  PMHA will purchase a 50th Anniversary Banner up to $500.00 to be used during celebrations and PMHA activities.  Motion by Lisa Friesen and Second by Don Harding. PASSED

        -all Shamrock schedules for the league are now linked, Parent rep to record home game scores only, and no need to enter any scheduling aside from team tournaments and team activities on their own team calendars (2 dates will be provided for website training for Parent reps)


President:  Chris Fryfogle

5.        MOTION:  Max Boyd to chair a review of the current coaches (OMHA and OWHA) committee status and procedures for the 2012-2013 seasons.  Motion by Nick Salaris and Second by Lisa Friesen, PASSED

6.        MOTION:  Jen Irwin and Karen Moore will volunteer as Lotto 500 coordinators for the 2012-2013 seasons.  These positions will constitute full volunteer hours. 

        Motion by Marcia Stinson and Second by Wendy McLean   PASSED


7.        MOTION:  Ange Barclay will continue to provide the PMHA website with Parent Corner information for the 2012-2013 seasons and this duty will constitute full volunteer hours.

      Motion by Marcia Stinson and Second by Lisa Friesen PASSED

                -Shooting and Stickhandling Clinic to be offered by Jeff Allen-dates and times to be announced when finalized

                -Goalie clinics with London Knights goalie coaches are being arranged for PMHA goalies


New Business: 

8.        MOTION: Beginning the 2013-2014 hockey seasons, the $150 league fees for Atom to Juvenile (OMHA) and Novice to Senior (OWHA) will be included in the cost of registration, with full registration being $600.00.  Timbit, Tyke and Novice players will continue to register at $450 however Novice Rep and Novice Tricounty players will be subject to an additional $150 league fee dated October 1st (totalling $600 in registration).  Motion by Lauri Doig, and Second by Nick Salaris    PASSED

-due to the addition of teams in PMHA, PMHA practices in Watford will now be 50 mins and not 80 mins as they have been in the previous season. Jeff McLinchey is doing his best to secure ice in various arenas that are convenient for PMHA members.

-Tryouts for all REP teams should be limited to 3 tryouts (4 if necessary) as their delay causes a backlog for AE and Tri county teams. This information has and will continue to be communicated to Coaches.

-Midget REP-team is selected, Midget AE-no bench staff currently


Motion to Adjourn:  Wendy McLean                      Second:  Marcia Stinson

Next meeting:  October 11, 2012 @ 5:30 pm at the Wyoming Fair Building