July 2012 Minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

PrintJuly 2012 Minutes
PMHA Meeting Agenda July 12, 2012 @ 7pm

Regrets: Wendy McLean, Krista Mitchell, Melissa Harris, Kelly Currie, Ken Dwinnell, Gary Dupuis, Stacey Williams

Police Checks were distributed and collected to executive members; they will be provided to Lisa Myers who is completing these checks for PMHA.

PMHA has received a copy of the Restitution Order made by the Ontario Courts regarding Beth Hummel’s sentencing (July 3, 2012). If any member would like to view this order, please contact a member of the executive via email and a perusal time will be arranged.
• Acceptance of June 14 minutes-motion by Lisa Friesen, 2nd by Marcia Stinson

• Treasurer Report-Stacey Williams
-Financial report is attached to original minutes
MOTION: PMHA to increase the mileage rate for executive members attending meetings, conferences (Shamrock, Tri-county, WOGHL, OMHA, etc) to 40 cents per kilometre effective July 13, 2014 (Nick Salaris)
2nd Lisa Friesen

• Registrar Report-Don Harding
To date, approximately 340 registrants to PMHA, 8 late registrations pending Aug 2 – 7th registration
No late fees have been refunded to any returning players

• OMHA Rep-Max Boyd
Referee School, must be 14 years of age to attend and will contact OMHA to determine how many candidates each centre can send.

• Shamrock League-Nick Salaris
1. Shamrock Ice Scheduling (earliest date we can start, earliest date to start home games, team home ice times, blackout dates and special requests) to be submitted on or before Aug 13/12.
2. Team fees increased from $45 to $50 per team
3. Midget All Star Game will be held in Wallaceburg
4. Novice to Bantam All Star Game will be held in Blenheim
5. AE teams are looking for a host centre for All Star Game
6. PMHA Shamrock teams will begin September 22, 2012
7. OMHA Banners: Nick will contact OMHA to determine a final price to purchase one banner for all teams to display in the arena as a special presentation during our 50th anniversary celebrations. 

MOTION: For the 2012-2013 season, PMHA will offer one Midget Rep team and one Midget AE team.
2nd Marcia Stinson

• House League Convenor-Gregg McEachern
Novice House League coaching duties will be shared between Jason Wilson and Bill Reid for one team and Scot Poland and Vince Egan for the second team, it will be further divided should additional players register to create a third team.

Tyke division will run with 3 teams for the 2012-2013 season.

• OWHA Rep-Chad Cox
Senior Girls Team-12 registered, and Bantam Team-5 registered
Bantam Girls: OWHA Rep to contact Mooretown and East Lambton to discuss girls hockey for the 2012-2013 season.

• Parent Rep/Volunteer/Bingo-Lisa Friesen
One parent volunteer cheque was cashed by PMHA for the 2011-2012 season.
Discussion of Team Jerseys for the 2011-2012 season.
1. Bantam AE-still missing two jerseys from players. Chad Crummy will make telephone contact with these two players to determine status of jerseys. Players will NOT be permitted on the ice, nor will they be permitted to register until jerseys are returned in good condition (as per the Coach and Manager Handbook 2011-2012)
2. Bantam Rep-all home and away jerseys have not been cleaned from the previous season. Email and telephone contact has been made with the coach since May and to date-the jerseys have not been cleaned. PMHA President will send a letter to coach outlining PMHA expectations regarding proper care of PMHA jerseys and protocol for failing to comply.

MOTION: PMHA will require a $500 cheque from all coaches, using TEAM accounts dated November 1st, 2012 as jersey deposit. Jerseys will be returned to PMHA Equipment Manager at the end of the season (with dates to be announced) cleaned, in good condition and on white plastic hangers to receive $500 refund. (Lisa Friesen)
2nd Marcia Stinson

MOTION: All team jerseys must remain the responsibility of PMHA assigned coaches and no jerseys are to be sent home with any players, unless a request is made to the executive by the Head Coach. (Lisa Friesen)
2nd Gregg McEachern
• WOGHL Rep-Marcia Stinson-next meeting August 23, 2012 
• Webmaster: Charlotte Wright Boyd-50th Anniversary information-tentative dates are October 12, 13, 14th at Greenwood Arena. 50th committee to contact Lions Hall, MM Meat Shops. Committee to develop a proposal to present to PMHA Executive on or before August meeting.
• Rules of Operation Meeting: update the ROO , an additional meeting will take place within the next month-all PMHA members are welcome to attend
• To post on website-registration updates, tryout updates and checking and goalie clinic updates and coaching applicant updates.

• President: Chris Fryfogle

1. Coaches Meeting-July 7th , each coach given a Handbook-good turnout
2. Checking Clinics-Jeff Allen will host a clinic in Watford on August 22nd, 7 to 8:30 pm, Atom to Midget age, limited to 25 players. Players will be charged a registration fee which is refundable upon completion of the clinic. Contact is Chad Crummy and information will be posted on website shortly regarding registration. Jeff Allen would like specific team coaches on the ice during his clinic.
3. Goalie Clinics-Paul Burgess to host a PD Goalie Camp at Greenwood arena with date to be announced. Open to all Lambton County goalies. Watch website for more details to register early.
4. Goalie Clinics-monthly or bi-monthly- Paul Burgess will host clinics open to PMHA goalies only for the 2012-2013 season. Details are being finalized. Watch the website for details.
5. Still looking for coaches for the following teams: Atom Tricounty, Bantam AE, Bantam Tricounty, Midget AE and Senior Girls. Interested applicants should fill out application form on website.

Tryout Dates-Midget and Bantam (OMHA boys) will begin the week of August 20th (no weekends) in Watford from 7-8:30pm (not August 22nd). Information on website.

Novice to Peewee (OMHA boys) will begin the week of August 27th (no weekends) in Watford from 5 – 8 pm. Tryouts will be one hour in duration, ( A to L and M to Z), with information on the website.

OWHA Girls will begin between August 27th and September 3rd-dates to be finalized and information on the website. 
New Business: ACTION ITEMS

Fundraising: Contact Kristen MacFarlane regarding vendor tables during the 50th anniversary celebration.

Dressing Room Cell phone Policy-Hockey Canada and Town of Petrolia policies will be investigated for posting for the 2012-2013 season (Action: Lauri Doig)

Magnets from UPS Store (Lauri Doig) will purchase 500 magnets to be given to all players at a cost of $189.00 (50th anniversary dates, wind up days dates, picture dates and registration dates and website)

Internet Access for PMHA: Gregg McEachern will contact Brooke Telecom to determine cost to install internet access in the two upstairs meeting room at the arena. Gregg will also price out the cost of a flat screen TV to be used for PMHA meeting, workshops, etc. 
Motion to Adjourn: Gregg McEachern Second: Nick Salaris

Next meeting: August 9th “ 7pm