June 2012 Minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

PrintJune 2012 Minutes
PMHA Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2012 6 p.m.
Present: Ken Dwinnell, Christa Mitchell, Chris Fryfogle, Stacey Williams, Gary Dupuis Melissa Harris, Max Boyd, Marcia Stinson, Lauri Doig, Nick Salaris, Charlotte Wright Boyd, Chad Cox, Kelly Currie, Chad , Crummy, Gregg McEachern, Wendy McLean
Regrets: Lisa Friesen, Don Harding
Board of Directors Elections: standing for election Todd Jardine, Barb Jardine, Chad Crummy
Vote by secret ballot: Chad Crummy-Director at Large for one year term (to replace Randy Peer resignation)
Kelly Currie: accepted position as Director at Large for one year term
Chris Fryfogle addressed meeting protocol, appreciate not cell phone calls (leave room is necessary), please place phones on park/vibrate and please give all members respect when they are speaking.
· Acceptance of May 10 and May 24th Minutes
a. Motion to accept-Lauri Doig
b. Second-Melissa Harris
· Guests: Carla Bolton/Gatekeeper-attended and provided information on her practices with gate fees. It was decided that Carla will continue with her record keeping practices, and submit weekly via email to Melissa Harris, Stacey Williams and Chris Fryfogle so we may have this documentation included in PMHA financial records.
· Guest: Lisa Myers/Police Checks-unable to attend however indicated via email that she will continue to perform police checks for our asociation for the upcoming season. This will cancel both of her volunteer cheques for the 2012-2013 season.
· Treasurer Report-Stacey Williams
-Financial report to be presented to executive (included in PMHA minutes)
-Reimbursement sheets are available for executive to fill out and Stacey will email Lauri an electronic version to send to all board members.
-investigate BIC transactions from the bank account on a monthly basis and determine who is withdrawing this amount (possibly IT sports for OWHA registration and website)
Motion to accept report: Marcia Stinson Second: Max Boyd
· Registrar Report-Lauri Doig/Wendy McLean/Don Harding
a. HCR will allow installment payment for the 2013-2014 season
b. Batch Team registration of 20 OMHA teams, submitted, approved and paid
c. Players not yet registered are not eligible for NRP passports for AA tryouts, must be a member is good standing with PMHA first
· OMHA Rep-Max Boyd
-application for B centre is denied
-referee school, PMHA will cover 3 candidates (prefer age 14 and up), PMHA will cover initial referee cost only, not ongoing re-certification
· Shamrock League-Nick Salaris
a. OMHA Finals document-Lauri to resend for approval by Board
b. Upcoming Shamrock meeting (July 9th))
· House League Convenor-Gregg McEachern
a. Timbit ice time need to discuss with Chris (ACTION)
b. Meeting with Novice HL coaches June 17th to discuss appointment for teams
· OWHA Rep-Chad Cox (registration numbers attached) and discussion of number of registrants
a. Senior Girls team, currently 4 registered
· AAA Report-Ken Dwinnel (report attached to original minutes)
· Parent Rep-Christa Mitchell
a. Photographer-presented to options, will investigate further
b. Clothing-will establish a sub-committee to investigate clothing further
· Parent Rep/Volunteer/Bingo-Lisa Friesen-not present
· WOGHL Rep-Marcia Stinson
a. Fine as no attendance at WOGHL
b. WOGHL has dropped gate fees-impact on revenue for PMHA and implications for referee fees
· Webmaster: Charlotte Wright Boyd
a. 50th anniversary committee to meet and bring proposal to Board
b. Roo meeting for July 5th
c. Brought forth correspondence from Meuller Family
· President: Chris Fryfogle
- Need to fill Coaches Clinic and Equipment Position-ACTION
- Attended OMHA-Respect in Sport is online and will be discussed if necessary for all PMHA parents to take this online course
- Executive has $2, 000,000 liability insurance per member
- Half Ice Skills Development Resource was purchased at OMHA meeting
Motion to purchase hangers and pucks from Home Hardware Petrolia-Nick Salaris
Second- Marcia Stinson
Team Jersey Status: Bantam AE all are missing (except for #4), Midget Minor all home jerseys are missing, Girls Midget C four jerseys are missing, Bantam Rep-jerseys are dirty and stained
ACTION: Chris will send email to all team coaches (Bantam AE, Midget Minor and Girls C) requesting jerseys returned to PMHA by June 20th.
ACTION: Separate email will be sent to Bantam Rep team coach to cover the full cost of professional drycleaning of the jerseys due to their poor condition
PMHA interviews coaches for positions, and head coaches are responsible for their bench staff and are ultimately responsible for the actions of their team. This information is present in the Coach/Manager Handbook that was provided to all coaches and managers at the beginning of the 2011-2012 season.
PMHA has the right to withhold players from teams when jerseys are not returned or returned in unsatisfactory condition.
Election of Executive Portfolios for 2012-2013 (updated)
President: Chris Fryfogle (vote)
Past President: Gary Dupuis(no vote)
Vice President: Nick Salaris (vote) (Shamrock rep-not voting position)
Treasurer: Stacy Williams (vote)
Registrar: Don Harding (vote)
Secretary: Lauri Doig (vote)
OMHA Rep: Max Boyd (vote)
OWHA Rep: Chad Cox (vote)
Director at Large/WOGHL Rep: Marcia Stintsen (vote)
House League Convenor: Gregg McEachern (vote)
Hockey Parent Coordinator: Christa Mitchel (vote)
Parent volunteer cheque and Bingo Rep: Lisa Friesen(vote)
Ways and Means: Melissa Harris (vote)
Director at Large: Wendy McLean(vote)
Director at Large-Kelly Currie-one year term
Director at Large-Chad Crummy-one year term
15 voting positions +1 (Past President -one non voting)

Webmaster: Charlotte Wright Boyd (no vote)
Shamrock Rep: Nick Salaris (no vote)
Kristen McFarlene: Sponsorship Coordinator
New Business:
Charlotte: Resolution # 5 concerning icetime for Timbits (as per April minutes:
Resolution #6-Timbit ice times-this will be looked at further with ice scheduler, Shamrock rep, OMHA Rep, House league convenor and President (ACTION ITEMS)-Chris Fryfogle to investigate and confirm
Motion: PMHA will not cover the cost of bank fees for PMHA teams required to open and close bank accounts for their hockey season. These costs should be assumed by all teams individually.
Motion: Stacey Williams Second: Marcia Stinson Passed
Motion: The PMHA Treasurer will be compensated for their position as is the Ice Convenor
Motion: Nick Salaris Second: Chad Cox Passed
(rational is the accountability, onus of responsibility and amount of work required to ensure our books/tax returns, reviews are conducted according to appropriate accounting procedures)
Action: To book coaches meeting as soon as possible (booked for July 7th a@ 12 noon)
Next meeting: July 12 at 7pm
Motion to Adourn: Lauri Doig Second: Marcia Stinson