April 2012 Minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

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PMHA Minutes
April 12, 2012

Present: Lauri Doig, Kathy Stover, Lisa Friesen, Nick Salaris, Jeff Hackett, Marcia Stinson, Wendy McLean, Charlotte Wright-Boyd, Chris Fryfogle, Stacey Williams, Don Harding, Christa Mitchel, Gary Dupuis, Greg McEchren (arrived after sign in)

Regrets: Randy Peer, Steve Clarke, Melissa Harris

Motion to accept March minutes: Lisa Friesen, seconded by Nick Salaris

Welcome to new board members: Stacey Williams, Don Harding, Max Boyd, Greg McEchren

AAA Report-provided a written report, read aloud by Gary Dupuis

Tri-County Report- Coaches Refresher in Petrolia, June 2012, 10 registrants; Chris did not receive email for tri-county meeting, therefore there will be a charge to PMHA-submit to PMHA

Website: Charlotte has cleaned up system and some users will soon expire. Old website is still active and should have terminated May 2011, this needs to be looked into.

Parent Rep-Stephanie Friesen: $400 cost for Wind up days, April 16, 17, 19, payable to the Legion

Lisa Friesen-Volunteer Cheques-currently only one volunteer cheque to cash; BINGOs are already full until June with volunteers

Treasurer-no report

Coaching-Jeff Hackett: discussion of usefulness of evaluation for coaches, will remain in place as an option for parents; Jeff will book a May date for Coaches appreciation night and order food-date and time TBA; Coach of the Year, will be determined by Coaching Committee
ACTION: reminder on website regarding coaching qualificatons and clinics (Lauri to provide to Charlotte)

OWHA-Marcia: AGM on May 12 in Niagara Falls; All star game April 22-Atom girls have already paid; May 17 is WOGHL AGM in Strathroy

Shamrock Report: Bothwell and Glencoe will amalgamate in 2012-2013; OMHA current status is to support centres if they are looking to amalgamate however there is no directive at this time for centres to amalgamate (needs to be beneficial to both centres); report attached

President-Gary: Junior Volunteer Award-two nominations Nick Langlois and Conner Clarke, voted for Conner Clarke
Goaltender of the Year Award: one nomination: Charlie Pakalnis

Director at Large: Wendy-update on court April 11, plea of guilty and sentencing hearing on June 14th at 11:30 am

Registrar: currently 9 players registered, have until May 15 at 12 noon to register for installment plan only, May 15 at 4pm to June 1st register to pay in full, second installment registration will begin July 1st-must register two times for installment payment to have a spot in PMHA, otherwise, on wait list.

OWHA-registration is open until June 1 for installment payment only (this is the only option). Registration will close after June 1 and not open until late registration dates as per registration memo

ACTION: Lauri to compose email to YMCA indicating that PMHA will absorb the additional $100 for registration (as YMCA covers $350 only). Parents still responsible for lotto 500 and volunteer cheques
Motion put forth by Jeff Hackett, Second by Gary Dupuis that PMHA continue to waive additional fees for YMCA recipients.

New Business
Greg McEcrhen: questioned ability to secure an additional block of ice time to assist ice scheduler for the upcoming season to ensure more practice time is available for all teams

ACTION: email to be sent to Jeff M. to discuss this at May meeting. Jeff can provide more details on scheduling, costs, etc.
Chris Fryfogle: questioned PMHA current status as BB and would like to gather information on re-classification.
ACTION: email to be sent to Randy P. to discuss this at May meeting to provide us with information on how this process works.

Charlotte Wright-Boyd: Constitution and ROO-provided updates to committee. Board would like this discussion tabled to next meeting in the interest of time.

Change noted: new board begin duties April 1 to March 30th –needs to be discussed for clarification purposes

Next meeting: May 10 at 7pm

Motion to Adjourn: Wendy McLean Seconded: Stephanie Friesen