May 2012 Minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

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PMHA Meeting Minutes - May 10, 2012

Regrets: Jeff Hackett, Randy Peer, Max Boyd

Acceptance of April Minutes

Treasurer Report-Stacey Williams
-no report presented

Registrar Report-Lauri Doig/Wendy McLean
• May 10th, 42 registered on OMHA side
• Tyke Coach/Manager booklet complete (Steve McGrail assisted)
• Coach/Manager booklet for all divisions will be finalized by end of June
• Returning Player Definition-any member who has played for PMHA in the past or their home centre ( AAA )

OMHA Rep-Randy Peer (absent)
• Question: when are tryout dates for 2012-2013 season? Need to be booked in Watford, discussion of one week earlier this year.
• Also all REP teams should be picked after 3 tryouts, may need a fourth for last 1-2 cuts, and anything over 4 tryouts, Coach must make this request of the executive. (new)
• Reclassification application sent to OMHA
• OMHA Rep to handle all NRP Passports

Shamrock League-Nick Salaris
• OMHA League Banners-PMHA does not currently purchase these for teams, this item will be revisited in the July 2012 meeting and a decision will be made for the 2012-2013 season. (ACTION ITEM FOR JULY 2012 MEETING)
• Next Shamrock meeting-May 14th

House League Convenor-Chris Fryfogle
• Motion to approve $2500 towards the purchase of goalie equipment.
Second: Nick Salaris, passed by board
Currently we provide equipment up to Atom unless there is a special circumstance with a particular team.

OWHA Rep-Chad Cox
• Currently 24 girls registered: 6 novice, 8 atom, 4 peewee, 0 bantam, 6 midget
• May 9th skate- 6 bantam girls attended
• 2 denials for release
• Motion for Senior Women’s Team to be approved for the 2012-2013 season on a trial basis only (they will fall under PMHA registration, exception may be jerseys and sponsors, league fees to be determined after they make a proposal to PMHA)
Second: Gary Dupuis, carried by board
Chad will contact J. VanDenBerghe and inform of decision

Ice Scheduler-Jeff McLinchey
• 2011-2012 season/per division ice times provided

Parent Rep-Stephanie Friesen
• no report

Parent Rep/Volunteer/Bingo-Lisa Friesen
• Cashed one volunteer cheque only

WOGHL Rep-Marcia Stintsen
a. AGM date posedt on Website

Webmaster: Charlotte Wright Boyd
McFarlane letter and info posted on website-June 7, 8, 9
PMHA to donate 2 P town jerseys with #90 and McFarlane on them-Don Harding will offer assistance with this(motion by Don Harding, second by Gary Dupuis) ACTION ITEM


Gary Dupuis-President
(to post on PMHA website)
Wallaceburg Coaches Clinics offered:
Sept 8 and 9-DI Coaches
Sept 13-Coaches Refresher
Sept 24 for Trainers

PMHA offering DI Refresher June 24th at 1pm in Petrolia Arena

Discussion of Southwest League again from Wallaceburg, Petrolia would opt to stay in Shamrock League.

Election of Executive Portfolios for 2012-2013

Past President: Gary Dupuis (no vote)
President: Chris Fryfogle (vote)
Vice President: Nick Salaris (vote) (Shamrock rep-not voting position)
Treasurer: Stacy Williams (vote)
Secretary: Lauri Doig (vote)
Registrar: Don Harding (vote)
OMHA Rep: Max Boyd (vote)
OWHA Rep: Chad Cox (vote)
Director at Large/WOGHL Rep: Marcia Stintsen (vote)
House League Convenor: Gregg McEachern (vote)
Hockey Parent Coordinator: Christa Mitchel (vote)
Parent volunteer Cheque and Bingo Rep: Lisa Friesen (vote)
Ways and Means: Melissa Harris (vote)
Director at Large: Wendy McLean (vote)
Director at Large:-
Director at Large:-

15 voting positions + 1 Past President (non- voting) = 16 Board Members

Webmaster: Charlotte Wright Boyd (no vote)
Shamrock Rep: Nick Salaris (no vote)

New Business: Lauri Doig Motion: PMHA exiting board members will remain with incoming board from April 1 to June 30th in a mentorship/advisory role to assist with the transition of portfolios to the incoming board.
Passed by all members

AGM Minutes and Resolutions:

Resolution #1 –
Passed March 27, 2012
WHEREAS: The Petrolia Minor Hockey Association has been experiencing a slight decline in membership over the last few years, and
WHEREAS: there is an expressed desire to increase public awareness and the public image of PMHA, and
WHEREAS: the organization ultimately needs numbers to fulfill teams,
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PMHA Executive administer a creative membership recruitment and advertising campaign for the forthcoming season.

Resolution #1-Charlotte Wright Boyd was approved $100 budget to secure a student to create advertisement for the upcoming season. Community service hours would be signed for by the PMHA for this student. Stephanie Friesen to investigate PMHA tattoos for advertising (ACTION ITEMS)

Resolution #2 - Declined March 27, 2012
WHEREAS: The Petrolia Minor Hockey Association has a responsibility to provide leisure sport and recreational opportunities in our community, and
WHEREAS: the cost of hockey and association expenses continue to rise, and
WHEREAS: it becomes difficult for parents to afford this recreational sport, and
WHEREAS: some youth in our community miss the opportunity to experience this great recreational sport,
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PMHA Executive consider developing an initiative to assist families experiencing financial difficulties, when it comes to enrolling youth in this recreational sport.

Resolution #3 – Passed March 27, 2012
WHEREAS: The Petrolia Minor Hockey Association holds a monthly board meeting and several committee meetings throughout the year
WHEREAS: the PMHA membership needs to be informed of what decisions are made for the organization
WHEREAS: the technology to communicate effectively on our website is available
WHEREAS: the minutes could be posted and recorded in a timely fashion
WHEREAS: the current method of distributing minutes is not respectful to our paying membership
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PMHA executive post the monthly and committee minutes in a timely fashion on our association website.

Resolution #3-completed – April 12th and May 10th minutes posted on the website.

Resolution #4 – Passed March 27, 2012
WHEREAS: The organization has difficulty finding qualified coaches for the younger age groups (tyke and novice house league in particular)
WHEREAS: the distance to travel for some clinics is quite far
WHEREAS: the deadline to be qualified is August 31st of each year
WHEREAS: there are many new and young volunteers to the system
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PMHA executive offer coaches clinics early in the season (summer) to allow our volunteers to become qualified by the deadline.

Resolution #4-completed – All clinics are posted on the website

Resolution #5 – Passed March 27, 2012
WHEREAS: Hit (checking) hockey is introduced to the travel teams at the Pee Wee level
WHEREAS: the size discrepancy between and 11 and 12 year olds varies
WHEREAS: most players do not know how to give or take a proper check
WHEREAS: the safety of our players should be a concern
WHEREAS: concussions and head shots need to be avoided
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PMHA executive offer hitting and skills development clinics for our playing members.
(Action to be taken.)

Resolution #6 – Passed March 27, 2012
WHEREAS: The “Tim Bit” program has been held on Saturday mornings
WHEREAS: due to a variety of variables (ice availability, league commitments, travel team rules etc.) the “Tim Bit” ice time has not been consistent each week
WHEREAS: four and five year olds like consistency
WHEREAS: the” little ones” need their sleep
WHEREAS: they are the “grass roots” of our organization, in order to build from the bottom, up
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PMHA executive seek to find a consistent reasonable time for the beginner instructional group to attract more members and introduce them to the great game of hockey.

Resolution #6-Timbit ice times-this will be looked at further with ice scheduler, Shamrock rep, OMHA Rep, House league convenor and President (ACTION ITEMS)

50th Anniversary Celebration: Tabled until next meeting-ACTION ITEM

Motion to Adjourn: Don Harding Second: Gary Dupuis