2011 AGM Minutes (Petrolia Minor Hockey)

Print2011 AGM Minutes


Tuesday March 29, 2011.

Petrolia Lions Hall

Bryan Boyle Chair


Mrs. Hockey – Charlotte Wright-Boyd

Mr. Hockey – John Ferguson

Thank you given to Sheila Butler for her bookkeeping review for 2007,2008 and 2009 over 500 hours.



Committee Reports

Minutes / Treasurer’s Report



Bylaw Changes

Discussion re: financial issues

New Business

Motion by Randy Peer to accept agenda, seconded by Lisa Friesen, carried. 7:10pm


Committee Reports – were handed out, and committee heads were introduced.

Minutes / Treasurer’s Report

Motion made by Gary Dupuis to accept last years’ minutes with addition of members voted to board being Kari Lupton, Lauri Doig, Jeff Hackett and Steve Clarke, seconded by Tracy Donald, carried.

Kathy Stover gave her treasurer’s report from Sept 2010 to March 2011, including a review of changes we have made this past year.  Current report shows expenses and income to date.  March 2010 to March 2011 books will be audited by an accountant.

Estimated cost per player in PMHA is $750, each player in 2010/2011 season will get a $50 refund, and next year there will be no chocolate bar fundraiser.


Bylaw Changes

Motion to accept Jane Straatman and Kim McPhail as scrutineers by Kevin Fex, seconded by Cal Fowler, carried.

Motion made by Gary Dupuis to limit constitutional amendments to only 1) separate bylaws from rules of operations and 2) have 15 people voted on to board who are properly elected; thereby deferring all other current proposals until next year, seconded by Wendy McLean. 

Gary Dupuis, Dean Crombeen, John Manuik, Mark Fraser, John Ferguson, Greg Clark, Rick McKinnon spoke for motion,

Charlotte Wright-Boyd, Kari Lupton, Steve Clarke, Max Boyd, Christine Vincent VanBelle, and Heather Optoff , spoke against.

Secret ballot was held, where members marked Y to accept proposal and N to decline.  Motion passed by 2/3 required.

Motion to destroy ballots made by Paul Wammes, seconded by Gary Dupuis.


Motion made by Kevin Fex to elect 7 key people to the board without set positions, seconded by Wendy McLean, motion passed.

Positions Available: President, Vice, OMHA, OWHA, House League Convenor, 2 directors at large.

Nominations were held.

Nomination Committee brought forth first 7 nominees, others who stood for nomination were #8-18:

1.      Maria Charlton      

2.      Chad Cox

3.      Gary Dupuis

4.      Wendy McLean

5.      Brian Napper

6.      Randy Peer

7.      Nick Solaris

8.      Max Boyd

9.      Charlotte Wright-Boyd

10.  Tracy Donald

11.  Todd Jardine

12.  Chris Fryfogle

13.  Christine Vincent VanBelle

14.  Greg Clark

15.  Mike Jamieson

16.  Brenda McAlpine

17.  Ace Hudson

18.  Rick McKinnon

The following were nominated but declined to stand: John Manuik, Mike Annett, Scott Smith, Dean Melton, Steve McGrail, John Ferguson, Dean Crombeen, Noeleen Tyzchinski, Mike Krall, Brett Gray, Todd Annett and Mark Fraser.

Motion by Kevin Fex to close nominations, seconded by Melissa Harris, carried.

Motion by Kari Lupton for ballots marked by number, with 7 only being valid, seconded by Wendy McLean, carried.

            7 Newly Elected members were Marcia Charlton, Chad Cox, Gary Dupuis, Wendy McLean, Randy Peer, Nick Solaris and Chris Fryfogle.



1.      For girls clothing line – passed

2.      Advertising for membership – declined

3.      Helping families in need – declined

4.      PMHA board will set forth written guidelines for coaches committee before coaches are selected for upcoming season – passed

Discussion re: financial issues

Motion made by Rick McKinnon and seconded by Lauri Doig for feedback and discussion on financial situation, carried.

We discussed “what” in terms of words associated with the feelings surrounding the situation.

We discussed “so what” as how it has effected PMHA.

We discussed “now what” how we need to move forward and make our organization and constitution stronger.


New Business- Representative from ministerial association asked that we consider not having hockey practices scheduled on Sunday mornings as they conflict with local churches and Sunday schools.


Motion to adjourn by Paul Wammes, seconded by Randy Peer, 9:50 pm.